Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to make a no sew Cookie Monster costume

cookie monster halloween costume costumes idea

Halloween costumes for children and adults alike include those from the popular educational PBS television program, Sesame Street. Sesame Street characters include: Big Bird, ElmoCookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. To make a unique homemade costume of one of these television characters, you will need the following:

6' blue feather boa
Colored hoodie sweatshirt
2" styrofoam balls
Black felt
- Safety pins
Hot glue sticks and glue gun
- Black or gray 
- Black shoes
Cookie Monster character face tee shirt
- Scissors
- Soup or bottle can for circular tracing

To save money on the supplies, search your own closet or local thrift stores for the character T-Shirt, shoes, sweatpants and hooded sweatshirt.

To create the Cookie Monster character, start by laying the blue feather boa across the top of the hood. Then, carefully pin the boa to the outside of the hood, concealing the safety pin under the boa and poking the pin through the rope of the boa. Pin liberally, especially around the face to keep the feathers from falling in front the face. Pin the entire boa to the outside of the hood. Use a circular shape from a soup can or bottle to trace two circles on to black felt. Cut out the circles and glue them on to the foam balls. Glue the foam balls to the top of the hood (do not glue to feathers).

Dress in black sweatpants, black shoes, character tee. Put on hooded jacket and lift hood up. For the trick or treat candy bag, carry a reusable canvas bag and write "Cookies" on the outside.

To accessorize the costume even more, add a bag of cookies.

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