Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Halloween costume ideas for infants and toddlers

halloween costume costumes idea baby children infant
New parents (especially Moms) will have fun choosing a Halloween costume for their bundle of joy. Instead of purchasing the typical pumpkin costume available in any retail store, why not create a unique outfit of your own? Easy and inexpensive costume ideas for infants and toddlers include:

halloween costume costumes idea mad scientist- Charlie Brown. Simply dress the baby in jeans, yellow shirt with a zig zag across the front and then draw a squiggly on his forehead. Add a stuffed plush Snoopy animal.

- Chicken. A feathered chicken costume will be something to crow about. Simply add a feather boa (or two) to a white sweatshirt and a knit cap.

- Olaf the Snowman. Build your own snowman from the hit Disney movie, Frozen by following the instructions available in How to Make an Olaf the Snowman Halloween Costume.
For parents blessed with multiples, visit the Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups of Children for even more homemade Halloween costume ideas.

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