Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to decorate a snow Queen Elsa Christmas tree

christmas xmas tree decorating queen elsa frozen

All little girls love Disney’s hit movie, Frozen, especially the main character princess, Elsa. Add some character to the Christmas tree by decorating it with it Queen Elsa inspired decorations. Supplies needed include (click links for detail):

- White Christmas tree
Aqua blue and silver ornaments
- Blue and white lights
- Styrofoam balls
- Hot glue
Blue icicle ornaments
Sheer snowflake ribbon in white and blue
Disney Frozen character ornaments
Princess Elsa toy crown

To decorate the Disney Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Christmas tree, begin by adding blue and white lights around the tree. Then, glue Styrofoam balls together to form a strand of garland. Carefully wrap the foam ball garland around the tree. Cut the ribbon in different sizes and drape strands of ribbon vertically from the top of the tree. Add Frozen themed ornaments and toy crown throughout the tree. Form a fairly good size bow out of the blue sheer ribbon and place on top of the tree.

Do you want to build a snowman? Visit How to Make an Olaf the Snowman costume or Decorate an Olaf Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Santa Claus Christmas tree

christmas xmas tree decorating santa
Decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun family activity. Decorating a Xmas tree to look like Santa Claus is even more fun! To make your own Santa Claus decorated Christmas tree, supplies needed include:

- Christmas tree (artificial, preferably, due to the amount of fabric on the tree
Red tulle
Black velvet ribbon, wide
Gold sparkly, thin ribbon
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- 4 or 5 
white feather boas
White Christmas lights

Begin by assembling the 
artificial tree. String the white lights throughout the Christmas tree, connecting them end to end. Add your own ornaments and candy canes. Then, starting at the top of the tree, wrap red tulle around the entire tree. Layer the tulle to close any gaps between the layers. After the tree is covered in red tulle, string the white feather boas around the very bottom of the tree. Carefully, prop another white feather boa to the top of the tree forming “Santa’s cap”.

To make Santa’s belt, cut the black velvet ribbon to fit around the center width of the tree. On one end of the ribbon, add the gold belt buckle using the thin gold sparkly ribbon cut to fit. Secure the crafted black velvet “belt” to the center of the tree. For extra decoration, form a bow out of the remaining black velvet ribbon and attach to the back of the tree.

Disney Frozen Halloween: popular costumes and pumpkin template

Disney Frozen Halloween costumes elsa olaf
Popular Halloween costumes for this year will include those characters from Disney’s hit animated movie, Frozen: Princess Anna, her sister Princess Elsa, Kristoff the outdoorsman, Olaf the Snowman, Sven the reindeer and Hans the handsome royal. Many of these highly sought after costumes are sold out in retail stores, but remain available on
How to make an olaf the snowman halloween costume homemadeIf one would rather not pay a pretty penny for these hard to find costumes, create your own! The Olaf Snowman costume can be completed with a white a sweat suit and hand decorated baseball cap. To create your own outfit, visit How to Make an Olaf the Snowman Halloween Costume.

Popular Halloween costumes for little girls include Queen Elsa of Arendelle, also known as The Snow Queen. She is the older sister of Princess Anna and was next in line for Arendelle's throne until her powers over ice and snow led her to become the famous Snow Queen. To make your own Princess Anna and / or Elsa cape, visit How to Make A Princess Elsa No Sew Cape.
olaf the snowman pumpkin decorating carving
Multiple people (adults and children alike) can dress as a group by completing the entire cast of 
Disney Frozen. Simply add a reindeer as Sven or an outdoorsman, Kristoff. Visit this article on How to Dress as an Outdoorsman.

A Frozen Halloween would not be complete without a jack o’ lantern and lots of candy. Learn how to build a snowman, Olaf that is, by visiting 
How to Carve an Olaf the Snowman Pumpkin for Halloween. Beat the rush and buy your Halloween trick or treat candy in bulk at discounted prices on Prime members receive free 2-day shipping on millions of items!

Happy Frozen Halloween!

Monday, August 15, 2016

How to Decorate an Ugly Christmas Sweater Tree

christmas xmas tree decorating ugly sweater

One has heard of the popular 
Ugly Christmas Sweater party, but what about an Ugly Christmas Sweater tree? For a unique and fun holiday decorating project, start with an artificial Christmas treePre-lit trees make decorating easy and organization after the holiday rush a breeze. Then, to decorate the tree with gawdy Christmas sweaters, supplies needed include:

Hang the glass ornaments throughout the tree, placing the smaller ornaments near the top of the tree. Add foam Christmas trees around the tree, filling in any gaps. Evenly space the 
ugly sweater ornaments throughout the tree. Top the tree with matching ribbon and sprays.

One can purchase the 
Ugly Sweater ornaments here or simply decorate your own. To do so, use baby or Barbie doll clothes and add tinsel / sequins to the shirts. Find out How toMake an Ugly Christmas Sweater even Uglier.

How to make a deer & hunter Halloween couple costume

halloween costume deer hunter camo couples couple
Stand out from the crowd even in camouflage with this unique couples Halloween costume: a hunter and deer. This do it yourself costume is easily created with supplies from your own closet or local thrift store. Or, one can purchase the supplies from the comfort of your own home on

Supplies needed include:

To dress as the hunter, simply put on a camouflage shirt or fluorescent 
hunting vest, carry a bow & arrow, and paint the face to be ‘dirty’. To dress as the deer, place the deer antlers on top of head, slip on a brown shirt and fur vest. Add black face paint to the tip of nose.

Do not get singled out this Halloween! Create your own costume or shop early and plan ahead with these hilarious couples’ 
costumes available on Amazon.comPrime members receive free 2-day shipping on millions of items! Visit the Pinterest board, Halloween costume ideas for couples, for more cute Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Jingle Bell Run costume ideas

christmas xmas jingle bell run snowman
Jingle Bell Run / Walk is one of the nation's most incredible themed events! Participants dress in holiday themed costumes and tie bells to their shoelaces for a 5K run / walk. The funds raised throughout the nationwide races benefit arthritis research. Participants may run as individuals or form teams. Team names and costumes make this holiday race a festive time for all! A few ideas for themed costumes include:

Snowmen: Guys can dress up as a snowman wearing a white tee shirt, white shorts and a top hat. Learn how to make an Olaf the Snowman costume here. Ladies, create this easy do-it-yourself snowman outfit by following these instructions.

Run, run Rudolph (the song): Team members can dress up as reindeer wearing a brown 
running suit. Gals, put your hair up securely in a reindeer sock bun or wear a flirty reindeer costume complete with antlers and tail. Purchase red light up noses for your face.

What’s reindeer without a Santa? Fellas, put on the 
Santa cap, white beard and lace up those running shoes! Other participants can dress as Santa’s elves with a jolly elf kit. For a more traditional running outfit, one can wear Christmas themed sleeves, knee highs and a headband.

Other Jingle Bell Run costume ideas include: dressing in the popular 
Ugly Christmas Sweater, wrap oneself up as a Christmas gift complete with a bow on your head, characters from a Christmas Story or the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Whatever the costume, enjoy the race and support a great cause: The Arthritis Foundation.

For a Jingle Bell Run near you, visit 
The Arthritis Foundation online and sign up today!

Monday, August 8, 2016

How to make a Cecil the Lion Halloween Costume

halloween costume cecil the lion popular
Popular Halloween costumes throughout the years have been those related to current events. With the public outcry over the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, lion costumes are sure to be popular this year! Save a little cash and create your own large feline costume by following these simple steps:

Supplies needed include:
Fluffy multi-colored brown yarn
Yellow shirt
Halloween face paint or brown eyeliner

To create the lion mane, simply wrap rounds of yarn around your fingers like you are making a yarn pom-pom. Tie a length of yarn around the middle of the rounds of yarn to secure. Cut across the rounds of yarn on opposite sides and fluff. Repeat this step numerous times, making plenty of pom-poms for the mane.

Cut 6 full lengths of yarn to create a thick headband. The length of these strips should be long enough to tie around your head. Tie each end of the braided cord to secure. Starting in the center of this braided cord, tie the pom-poms to the cord. Continue to tie the pom-poms to the cord until the entire cord is covered. Wrap the finished mane around your head and tie to secure firmly in place.

Complete the costume by adding a nose and whiskers to the face using Halloween face paint or an eyeliner pencil. Add additional fluff to the costume by creating more pom-poms for cuffs and the end of a tail. Make this a group costume by adding a 
dentist costume and / or game hunter.

Top 5 Halloween costume ideas for children

If you want to stand out in 
halloween costume children boys girls costumes ideas
a crowd this Halloween, keep these top five costumes in mind. As predicted by the National Retail Federation, the most popular children costumes for Halloween this year will include:

Princess – The Royal Family and Disney princesses make this one of the most popular costume ideas for little girls. Dress up as Disney’s Cinderella or be your own queen with these accessories.

: complete costume includes one piece jumpsuit with mask, cape and boot tops. Padded muscular chest makes for one cute Batman! Kids can choose to go as a group with this theme by including a Robin or the Joker.

Action / super heroes remain popular for boys. From 
Spiderman to Superman, many youngsters become one with super powers on Halloween night. Create your own Superman with items you may already own! See how.
halloween costume ideas for children
Animal – Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! With the popularity of 
Cecil the Lion, look for many little lions running around this year. Visit How to make a Cecil the lion Halloween costume for detailed instructions.

Disney Frozen
 character – Olaf and Elsa will not be forgotten this year. Purchase the complete costume online or create your own Olaf by following these steps. Elsa’s cape is easier to make than it looks. See how.

Other costume ideas rounding out the top 10 include: 
Star Wars characterszombiewitch, pumpkin and Despicable Me Minions.