Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to decorate a Santa Claus Christmas tree

christmas xmas tree decorating santa
Decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun family activity. Decorating a Xmas tree to look like Santa Claus is even more fun! To make your own Santa Claus decorated Christmas tree, supplies needed include:

- Christmas tree (artificial, preferably, due to the amount of fabric on the tree
Red tulle
Black velvet ribbon, wide
Gold sparkly, thin ribbon
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
- 4 or 5 
white feather boas
White Christmas lights

Begin by assembling the 
artificial tree. String the white lights throughout the Christmas tree, connecting them end to end. Add your own ornaments and candy canes. Then, starting at the top of the tree, wrap red tulle around the entire tree. Layer the tulle to close any gaps between the layers. After the tree is covered in red tulle, string the white feather boas around the very bottom of the tree. Carefully, prop another white feather boa to the top of the tree forming “Santa’s cap”.

To make Santa’s belt, cut the black velvet ribbon to fit around the center width of the tree. On one end of the ribbon, add the gold belt buckle using the thin gold sparkly ribbon cut to fit. Secure the crafted black velvet “belt” to the center of the tree. For extra decoration, form a bow out of the remaining black velvet ribbon and attach to the back of the tree.

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