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Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to make Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween costumes

Popular Halloween costumes for couples and groups include those Thing characters from the Dr. Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat. Thing One and Thing Two were released from the box that the cat brought in. The things caused mischief in the house by bumping into walls and knocking everything down in their path. Eventually, the things were caught with a net and put back in the box. Making these Halloween costumes is simple and affordable for children and adults alike. Supplies needed include:

dr seuss thing 1 halloween costume costumes idea1. Red long sleeve Tee Shirt or sweatshirt
2. Red 
Sweat Pants
3. Red gloves / mittens
Blue winter beanie cap
6' long turquoise feather boa
6. Photo paper
7. Scissors
Hot glue sticks and gun
Thing 1 & Thing 2 Template

To make the hair for the Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and other Things for a group), hot glue the 
single feather boa to the winter cap. On photo paper, print out the Thing 1 and Thing 2 templates found here:

Cut out the Thing templates and hot glue the paper to the front of the shirt. Dress the child in shirt, pants, mittens and blue cap.

For a more girly Thing, one can make a tutu out of elastic and tulle (red, white and/or blue). See 
How to Make a Tulle Skirt for Halloween and Dance Costumes or watch this video:

Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Piece Of Scrap for more easy DIY Halloween costume ideas for children and adults.

Then, add red and white striped leggings or tights under the ladies tutu skirt.
dr seuss thing 1 halloween costume costumes idea

To save money on apparel items, check your closets and local thrift stores before shopping at retail stores such as Walmart and Target. 
Amazon offers many screen printed Thing 1 through Thing infinity t-shirts available here:

While these tee shirts are fairly inexpensive and simple to purchase, making your own Thing costume is a fun family craft activity that is easy to complete. Simply add the 
Dr. Seuss accessory kit for a tag a long Cat in the Hat.

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