Monday, July 18, 2016

How to make a Crayola crayon Halloween costume

crayon halloween costume costumes idea An easy and fun do it yourself Halloween costume for an individual or a group is a Crayola costume. One person can select their favorite color, or a group of individuals can be an entire box of crayons. Supplies needed to make this colorful outfit include:

• Birthday party hat (for the cone on the head)
Anti pill colored fleece fabric (1-2 yards)
Colored Yarn
• Colored 
face paint
Black Felt
Hot Glue sticks and glue gun
• Scissors
• Self adhesive Velcro

To Make the Crayon Body:
1. To size, wrap the colored felt around the body under armpits and pin. Then, cut a straight line at the pins
2. Attach sticky Velcro to the back side of the colored fleece to keep the fabric closed.
3. Make straps to attach to the colored fleece on front and back, these will tie at the shoulders. Cut 2 long vertical strips of the same colored fleece. Cut these 2 long vertical strips in half. Hot glue (or pin) two of the straps to the front of the body wrap, the other two straps to the back.
4. Use squiggly classroom corkboard decoration trim to make the black squiggly trim at the top and bottom of the crayon. Trace the trim on to black felt and cut. Hot glue these pieces to the colored felt, one at the top, the other at the bottom.
5. Download and enlarge the 
“Crayola” template to fit on the colored fleece. Cut out each letter in black felt and hot glue on the colored fleece.
Halloween costume Homemade crayon

To Make the Point at End of Crayon (hat):
1. Wrap the colored fleece around the birthday party hat.
2. Cut to fit and hot glue the piece covering the entire hat.
Make Three Pom Pom Balls (optional):
1. Wrap yarn around a circular object (ball), then cut the yarn in half.
2. Hold the pieces of yarn tightly in the center and tie together with a matching piece of yarn.
3. Attach one pom pom ball to the top of the cone hat, the others to each shoe.

If desired, add colored face paint to nose and/or cheeks. As a trick or treat bag or a purse, the person can carry a crayon on box or pencil case. If you prefer a more technology advanced Halloween costume, see How to Make an iPod or iPhone 6 costume.

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