Monday, July 18, 2016

Presidential election candidates make great Halloween costumes

With the 2016 Presidential election in full swing, popular Halloween costume ideas will include those of the democrat and republican presidential candidates as well as those of former (and current) US Presidents. Men, women and children can dress as their favorite president or presidential hopeful fairly inexpensively by browsing their local thrift stores and closets. For detailed extras including campaign buttons and bumper stickers, shop online at
donald trump halloween costume costumes idea clinton
Two of the most popular 2016 presidential candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. With their popularity, Halloween costumes of these two will be highly sought after and in demand. Visit How to make a President Donald Trump Halloween Costume and How to make Hillary Clinton presidential candidate costume. Be sure to carry a 2016 Presidential campaign sign and wear patriotic lapel pin to complete those costumes.

In addition to the current presidential candidates other possibilities include the presidents and hopefuls from years past: Sarah Palin, Bill Clinton, Abe Lincoln:

A Halloween costume idea for couples is the current US President and his wife: Barak & Michelle Obama. One can make this a group costume by dressing as the Bo, the presidential dog, or the girls: Sasha and Malia.

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