Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Carve a Cat Face in a Pumpkin for Halloween using a Pattern

As an avid cat lover, I enjoy almost everything cats! Pumpkins are no exception. To carve a cat faced jack o lantern for Halloween, supplies needed include:

1. Large pumpkin, preferable round with a good stem
2. Carving knife
3. 2 bowls (1 for pumpkin seeds, the other for pumpkin goop)
4. Tea light candle
5. Match
6. Newspaper
cat cats pumpkin carving decorating
For less mess, one can carve the pumpkin outside. If carving inside, lay down old newspaper or garbage bags to catch the mess. Then, carefully cut open the pumpkin by carving out the stem. My children and I have always cut a zig zag pattern round the stem so it’s easy to tell how the lid fits into place. Then, clean out the pumpkin using a spoon or your hands. If desired, separate the pumpkin seeds from the “goop” to cook later..

To begin carving the cat face in the pumpkin, download and print the cat carving pattern available here:

To carve the cat face, do the following:
1. Tape the entire piece of paper with the cat face on to the pumpkin.
2. Carefully cut out the black shapes of the cat face on the piece of paper

At dusk, light a tea light in the pumpkin to see the cat face glow.

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