Sunday, July 17, 2016

Homemade Halloween costume idea - fish tank aquarium

fish tank aquarium halloween costume costumes idea
To make a fish tank aquarium costume for boys, girls or even adults, the supplies needed include:

1. One sturdy box to fit around person. A 19” x 19” box fit over my 10 year old son.
2. Masking tape
Blue cellophane wrap
Blue battery operated lights
Fish swim caps
6. Fishing line
7. Scissors
8. Balloons
9. Needle or pin
10. Paper

To create the fish tank:
1. Cut out each side of the box leaving about a 3” edge on each side
2. Cover the outside of cut box with masking tape to make it appear “silver”. Or, you could paint the box using acrylic paint.
3. From the inside, add the blue cellophane wrap to each side

To decorate the inside of the fish tank:
1. Using a needle, poke a tiny hole at the top of the swim cap to thread the fishing line in
2. Blow up a balloon for each fish swim cap
3. Stuff the balloon inside the swim cap to make it appear “full”
4. Tape the fishing line string with fish cap attached to the top inner side of the box
5. String battery operated lights along the back inside of the box
6. Print a sign that says “Do not tap on glass” and glue this sign to the front of the tank

How to wear the costume:
1. Pin an extra fish swim cap to the child’s sweatshirt
2. Add strips of fabric, two on each side to the box. Then, ties these strips of fabric at shoulders
3. As accessories, add swim goggles and water shoes or scuba diving gear
4. As a trick or treat bag, carry a strong fish net or tackle box

* Make sure the cardboard box is not too big that it makes it difficult for the child to walk up and down stairs.
* Adding the sign, "Do not tap on glass" seemed to encouraged fellow trick or treaters to touch the cellophane. Keep an eye out for those destructive children wearing store bought 

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