Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to make a Hillary Clinton presidential candidate costume

how to make a Hillary clinton Halloween costumeWith the 2016 Presidential election in full swing, popular Halloween costume ideas for the next couple of years will include those of the democrat and republican presidential candidates. Specifically, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump costumes and accessories will soon be highly sought after and hard to find. Other presidential hopefuls will make great Halloween costumes as well: Carly FiorinaJeb BushMike Huckabee,
Women and even men can dress up as the democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, for Halloween. To dress as the former First Lady, supplies and accessories needed include:

Adults and children alike can dress as a group for Halloween, by purchasing a 
Bill Clinton mask or Donald Trump hair. Visit How to make a President Donald Trump Halloween costume. The possibilities are endless when it comes to patriotic themed costumes: Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Captain America, George Washington, Barak Obama, etc. 

here to view the variety of costumes available on

Hillary Clinton Halloween costume debate 1 Red Blazer
Hillary Clinton Red Blazer from debate #1

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