Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder Stand DIY

How to make a Wooden Bird Feeder Post
Create a wooden bird feeder stand in just a couple of hours. The supplies needed to complete this project include:
How to make a bird feeder stand out of wood
supplies for wooden bird feeder post

Wooden bird house

Step 1:
Dig hole 36" Deep
DIY wooden bird feeder post / stand

Step 2: Use level to set the post evenly in the concrete

DIY Birdhouse wooden post - use level to make it evenDIY Wooden Bird Feeder set in concrete

Step 3:
use stakes to hold the post in place until the concrete sets
Wooden Bird House Stand / Post

Step 4:
Use the Gorilla construction glue to place the pyramid post topper on the top of post. Alternatively, you can place a bird house on top of the post.

Step 5:
Using the drill, screw the brackets in place with the screws

Step 6:
Add up to 4 bird feeders and / or a wooden birdhouse as shown.

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