Monday, July 18, 2016

How to make a street light Halloween costume from a box

street light halloween costume costumes idea

My boy was fascinated with law enforcement, traffic lights and crossing signals. Instead of dressing up as a typical police officer, we created a unique Halloween costume: a traffic light with working lights! Supplies needed for this one-of-kind costume include:

- Large cardboard box in a rectangular shape. The box should fit over the shoulders and sit just above the knees. If the box is longer than the child’s knees, walking and climbing stairs will be difficult.
- Scissors
Hot glue sticks and glue gun
Golden yellow felt or fleece
- Black, green and white foam pieces
- 3 
tap lights with batteries
- Red, yellow and green 
acrylic paint
- Paintbrush
- Yellow or 
black baseball cap
Black sweatsuit
To create the stop light:
1. Measure the child’s head circumference and cut a circle in the top of the box.
2. About 3-4” down on each side of the box, cut a circle for the child’s arms to fit through
3. Trace the tap light circle base on to the front of the box. Cut out each circle so the tap light will fit snuggly inside each hole.
4. Cover the box completely in yellow fleece / felt by gluing the fabric to the box.
5. Disassemble the tap lights. Paint each white covering separately: green, yellow, red. Allow paint to dry and reassemble. Add batteries, if needed.
6. Cut a semi-circle out of black foam and fit on the top of each tap light, making an arch covering over each light.
7. Cut large black foam piece into a rectangle shape for the front of the light. Hot glue to fabric on front.
8. Center the yellow light on to the black foam rectangular piece on the front of the box. Add the red light just above the yellow one. Glue the green light just below the yellow light.
9. Dress in black sweatsuit and place completed street light box design over.

To create the street sign:
1. Cut a large rectangle shape out of green foam.
2. Cut a slightly larger rectangle shape out of white foam.
3. Glue the green foam on to the white foam.
4. Cut the child’s name and the word, “Avenue”, out of paper or white foam and glue the letters to the green foam.
5. Hot glue the completed sign to the top of black knit cap. Place the cap on top of the head.

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