Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to decorate a snow Queen Elsa Christmas tree

christmas xmas tree decorating queen elsa frozen

All little girls love Disney’s hit movie, Frozen, especially the main character princess, Elsa. Add some character to the Christmas tree by decorating it with it Queen Elsa inspired decorations. Supplies needed include (click links for detail):

- White Christmas tree
Aqua blue and silver ornaments
- Blue and white lights
- Styrofoam balls
- Hot glue
Blue icicle ornaments
Sheer snowflake ribbon in white and blue
Disney Frozen character ornaments
Princess Elsa toy crown

To decorate the Disney Frozen Snow Queen Elsa Christmas tree, begin by adding blue and white lights around the tree. Then, glue Styrofoam balls together to form a strand of garland. Carefully wrap the foam ball garland around the tree. Cut the ribbon in different sizes and drape strands of ribbon vertically from the top of the tree. Add Frozen themed ornaments and toy crown throughout the tree. Form a fairly good size bow out of the blue sheer ribbon and place on top of the tree.

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