Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to make a Princess Elsa cape no sew

Popular Halloween costumes for this year will include those characters from Disney’s hit animated movie, Frozen: Princess Elsa, her sister Princess Anna, Kristoff the outdoorsman, Olaf, Sven the reindeer and Hans the handsome royal. Instead of purchasing the typical and costly Disney costume, be unique and build your own Disney Princess Elsa Cape.
Queen Elsa of Arendelle, also known as The Snow Queen, is the older sister of Princess Anna and was next in line for Arendelle's throne until her powers over ice and snow led her to become the famous Snow Queen. To make the fairy princess cape for everyday play or a Halloween costume for girls, supplies needed include:
princess elsa disney halloween costume costumes idea

1. 25 yard roll turquoise glitter tulle
2. Velcro
3. Hot glue
4. Scissors

Once the supplies are gathered, create the homemade costume following these steps:

1. To determine the amount of 
tulle needed, select a piece that is at least 18” wide to fit around the child’s neck. Then, measure the child from shoulder to toe and add approximately 25” for the train of the cape.

2. Cut the fabric to length, then fold the piece of fabric in half.

3. Put a faint mark about 25” from the end of the fabric. This is the point to where the train of the cape begins

4. With the fabric folded, cut upwards to the 25” marking so that the train of the cape is slightly curved. One could be very scientific with a cut paper pattern, but the curved pattern need not be perfect as the cape will be “flowing” anyway

5. For the neck of the cape, fold the piece of fabric in half and lay half of a plate over the corner. Cut this rounded edge to create the neck opening.

6. On each side of the neck opening, attach the sticky Velcro pieces for closure. These pieces can be decorated with buttons, sequin, patches, etc

7. If desired, you can burn the edges of the cape to keep it from fraying, but this is not necessary

8. For extra decoration, add snowflakes to the bottom of the cape. Create your own by using a snowflake pattern or simply paint the snowflakes using sparkle fabric paint.

As additional accessories, the child can carry one of the stuffed plush animals from the Disney hit movie, Frozen or make a Queen Elsa crown out of paper or craft foam using the pattern located:

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