Monday, August 8, 2016

How to make a Cecil the Lion Halloween Costume

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Popular Halloween costumes throughout the years have been those related to current events. With the public outcry over the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, lion costumes are sure to be popular this year! Save a little cash and create your own large feline costume by following these simple steps:

Supplies needed include:
Fluffy multi-colored brown yarn
Yellow shirt
Halloween face paint or brown eyeliner

To create the lion mane, simply wrap rounds of yarn around your fingers like you are making a yarn pom-pom. Tie a length of yarn around the middle of the rounds of yarn to secure. Cut across the rounds of yarn on opposite sides and fluff. Repeat this step numerous times, making plenty of pom-poms for the mane.

Cut 6 full lengths of yarn to create a thick headband. The length of these strips should be long enough to tie around your head. Tie each end of the braided cord to secure. Starting in the center of this braided cord, tie the pom-poms to the cord. Continue to tie the pom-poms to the cord until the entire cord is covered. Wrap the finished mane around your head and tie to secure firmly in place.

Complete the costume by adding a nose and whiskers to the face using Halloween face paint or an eyeliner pencil. Add additional fluff to the costume by creating more pom-poms for cuffs and the end of a tail. Make this a group costume by adding a 
dentist costume and / or game hunter.

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