Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to make a Cookie Monster costume for Halloween

Popular Halloween costumes for children and adults alike include those from the popular educational PBS television program, Sesame Street. Sesame Street characters include: Big Bird, ElmoCookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. To make a unique homemade costume of one of these television favorites, you will need the following supplies:

halloween costume costumes idea cookie monsterFor example, Cookie Monster:
Character face Tee Shirt in a larger size
Matching character headband
3. Black 
Black long sleeve shirt
5. Black matching shoes & 
6. Paper sack with handle
Tandark brown and black fleece
8. Foam board
9. Polyfill
10. Safety pins
hot glue sticks & glue gun
12. Scissors

To create the Cookie Monster 
costume, dress in black tights, black shirt, black gloves and black shoes. Add a Cookie Monster headband. Then, wrap the character t-shirt under the arms, tucking the sleeves and collar in. Pin the “shirt” discretely in the back to hold it in place. To make the shirt more secure, one can pin or hot glue fleece straps on each side of the shirt and then tie these straps together.

To make the big cookie accessory, cut a large piece of foam board into a circle. Wrap the tan fleece around the large foam circle, stuff with polyfill. Then, pin or hot glue the fleece material closed. Cut oddly unique circles from the dark brown fleece and hot glue these circles to the tan circular foam cookie.

To make the trick or treat bag, cut oddly shaped circles from the dark brown paper. Then, hot glue these circles to a paper bag.

Another variation of this popular Sesame Street 
Halloween Costume can be found at How to make a no sew Cookie Monster Halloween costume. Add a tulle skirt to the costume by following these instructions.

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