Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to make a tulle skirt for Halloween and dance costumes

tulle skirt halloween costume costumes idea
A completed tutu in a variety of colors is available for purchase online at, but it is very easy and inexpensive to create your own. Whether you are making a tulle skirt for a Halloween costume, or a tutu for a dance costume, the supplies needed include:

- Scissors
- 3 yards of ¼” Braided Elastic
1 roll of 25 yard tulle in color of your choice
- Hot glue
tulle skirt halloween costume costumes idea
To begin, measure the waist of the individual to size the amount of elastic needed to fit. Cut the elastic to fit the individual’s waist. Tie the ends of the elastic together forming a complete circle. Fit the elastic over any item (chair, thigh) for ease when securing the tulle. Then, cut strips of tulle approximately 30” long. As strips are cut, tie the tulle in a knot around the elastic waistband. For a fuller tutu, tie multiple strips of tulle at once around the elastic waistband. Continue cutting tulle and tying it on the elastic until the skirt looks “full”. For extra security, hot glue the tied knot of the elastic to ensure it will not come untied. Step into the skirt and place it around waist.

A tutu is easy and fun to make. One can quickly create an 
ElmoCookie Monster or Dr.Seuss Thing 1 & 2 Halloween Costume, then add a colored skirt to match. See How to Make an Elmo Halloween Costume.

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