Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to make a Mickey Mouse Halloween costume

The Walt Disney Company is referred to as "The House the Mouse built." Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular and recognizable cartoon characters in the world and a ye
mickey mouse halloween costume costumes idea
arly favorite at Halloween costume contests and parties. To make your own mouse costume, the following supplies are needed:

Red soffe gym shorts
Black unitard or black long sleeve shirt and black leggings
Black & White felt
Black headband
Black face paint
Yellow shoes or footies / socks
Can of soup
Hot glue gun
White gloves

To make the Mickey Mouse ears, start with a plastic black headband. Then, trace the end of the soup can on to the black felt. Fold the felt just beneath the traced circle leaving about half an inch of felt to slip the head band in. Fold the two circles over the headband and glue in place with hot glue. Repeat this step for the second ear. Using the same soup can, or one slightly smaller, trace two circles on to the white felt. Cut out the white circles and hot glue them to the front of the waistband on the red shorts.

To make Mickey’s tail, cut approximately a 6” strips of 3’ long felt or fleece material. Roll the material and hot glue the roll. Stuff one end of the roll with polyfil (or newspaper) and then hot glue each end shut.

Dress in the long sleeve black shirt, black pants / leggings, red shorts. Pin the mouse tail to the back of the shorts. Ladies, create a tulle skirt to add a girly look. Visit 
How to Make a Tulle Skirt for details. Wear yellow shoes or footies and white gloves or mittens. Place mouse ear headband on head. Using black face paint, paint a black circle on the tip of nose. If desired, paint black whiskers across your cheeks.

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