Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to make a bubble bath costume for Halloween

halloween costume bubble bath tulle skirt
No sewing is required for this unique, eye-catching bubble bath costume. Guys, gals and children alike can go as this bubbly favorite. To make the tulle skirt, follow these simple instructions, or purchase one online at Using hot glue, add cotton balls throughout the tulle to make it appear as suds or bubbles. Then, glue the rubber ducks around the skirt as well. Add a body puff sponge anywhere on the skirt or tank top. Supplies needed to create this fun and easy do-it-yourself costume include:

·         Aqua blue tank top
·         Aqua blue tulle
·         White or aqua shorts
·         Elastic
·         Rubber ducks
·         Shower cap
·         Cotton balls
·         Bathroom body puff sponges
·         White tights
·         Hot glue sticks and glue gun

Dress in the tank top, tights and shorts. Pull the tutu skirt on over the shorts. Place the shower cap on your head and carry a towel to “dry off”. As a trick or treat box, one can carry a large size spa basket.

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