Friday, November 4, 2016

How to Make a Princess Elsa Valentine’s Day Box

Popular Valentine’s Day cards for this year will include those characters from Disney’s hit animated movie, Frozen: Princess Elsa, her sister Princess Anna, Kristoff the outdoorsman, Olaf, Sven the reindeer and Hans the handsome royal. Instead of purchasing the typical and costly Disney Valentine holder, be unique and build your own!
How to Make a Princess Elsa Valentine’s Day Box

Queen Elsa of Arendelle, also known as The Snow Queen, is the older sister of Princess Anna and was next in line for Arendelle's throne until her powers over ice and snow led her to become the famous Snow Queen. To make the fairy princess holder for special deliveries of Valentine's Day cards from cupid and other pen pals, supplies needed include:

- Cereal Box
2” Letter stickers
Sparkle snowflake stickers
- Artificial flowers or 
other bling for braid
- Small rubber bands
Hot glue sticks and hot glue gun
- Scissors
- Ribbon
Off white colored yarn
- Blue construction paper or cardstock
Elsa face template

To begin, cut an opening in the top of the cereal box. Then, cover the box in colored paper of your choice (cardstock is heavier and will hold up better, but construction paper will do).
Print the Elsa face template using a color printer. Cut around Elsa (including the hair) and glue the image to the front right side of the box, leaving room on the left front side for the child’s name.

To make Queen Elsa’s hair:
Use a wide object to wrap the yarn around. For example, use a kitchen chair and wrap the yarn around until pleased with the thickness of the ponytail. Slide the yarn off of the object and cut in ½, making 2 long groups of yarn. Set one group of strands aside (this will be used for the bangs). Using the other group of long yarn strands, tie one end with a rubber brand. Braid the ponytail and secure the end with the other rubber band. Decorate the braided ponytail with bling, ribbon, artificial flowers or something more lovely for Valentine’s Day, like hearts or diamonds!

Using the other group of yarn strands, cut into strips of various length. Lay the yarn strips over Elsa’s head to form bangs. Once satisfied with the look, hot glue the strands in place.

Finish the Frozen Valentine’s Holder by decorating the left front side and back side of the box with sparkle and letter stickers. Be sure to include the child’s name on the box so others know whose crafty creation it is. To complete the theme, purchase Disney Frozen Valentine exchange cards at Prime members receive free 2-day shipping on millions of items!

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