Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween costume ideas for sports fans

Try something a bit different this Halloween with a fun and sporty costume. Instead of the typical witch or zombie outfit, consider one of these playful options:

With the fallout over the Deflategate scandal, one can make a Tom Brady Deflategate Halloween costume that is sure to turn heads. Follow these simple instructions for this creative costume.
Tom Brady Deflategate Football costume
For those less creative, folks can still show their fan loyalty by dressing up as their favorite team player with a 
NFL uniform or jersey. Or, simply go as the football or the goal post.

Guys, take the party a step further with a funny and eye-catching 
knocked-up cheerleader costume. Parents, dress your little ones up as a football and a football player. This adorable duo makes a great team!

Play ball! With the 
Chicago Cubs first playoff appearance in ages, one can expect many tiny cubs and cub fans running around this Halloween night. Purchase the uniform set available online or create your own bear cub with a furry mask. Don’t forget the peanuts and popcorn to create a unique family or group costume set.

Add a 
referee and let the games begin.

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