Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween costume ideas for sports fans

Try something a bit different this Halloween with a fun and sporty costume. Instead of the typical witch or zombie outfit, consider one of these playful options:

With the fallout over the Deflategate scandal, one can make a Tom Brady Deflategate Halloween costume that is sure to turn heads. Follow these simple instructions for this creative costume.
Tom Brady Deflategate Football costume
For those less creative, folks can still show their fan loyalty by dressing up as their favorite team player with a 
NFL uniform or jersey. Or, simply go as the football or the goal post.

Guys, take the party a step further with a funny and eye-catching 
knocked-up cheerleader costume. Parents, dress your little ones up as a football and a football player. This adorable duo makes a great team!

Play ball! With the 
Chicago Cubs first playoff appearance in ages, one can expect many tiny cubs and cub fans running around this Halloween night. Purchase the uniform set available online or create your own bear cub with a furry mask. Don’t forget the peanuts and popcorn to create a unique family or group costume set.

Add a 
referee and let the games begin.

Top 5 Halloween costumes for adults

If you want to stand out in a crowd this Halloween, keep these top five costumes in mind. As predicted by the National Retail Federation, the most popular adult costumes for Halloween this year will include:

Top Halloween costumes for adultsWitch: The traditional witch costume is always a hit. The fun and imaginative costume can be accessorized to your liking with optional hat, broomstick witchy socks. One size fits most, even full-figure gals!

: complete costume includes one piece jumpsuit with mask, cape and boot tops. Padded muscular chest makes for one hot Batman! Adults can choose to go as a group with this theme by including a Robin or the Joker.

: Scare away the ghouls and goblins with a unique Zombie costume for men and women. Outfit comes complete with mask, attached wig and body parts.

Star Wars character
: You pick the one. With the release of the Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, Darth Vadar, Jawa, StormTrooper and Princess Leia will be plentiful this Halloween.

: Ahoy Matey! This unisex costume is easy to assemble yourself or purchase the complete outfit online. Women can transform into a sexy pirate maiden, while the men will look like a true pirate captain even in tights.

If one chooses to be a little different, consider a costume like no other. Visit 
Presidential election candidates make great Halloween costumes for some unique dress up ideas that are sure to be the talk of the party!

How to make a Diego the animal rescuer Halloween costume

Go, Diego, Go! is popular Nickelodeon children’s television series featuring a little boy who loves to rescue animals. His partner in rescuing animals is a small jungle animal named Baby Jaguar. For Halloween or costume party play dates, dress your adventurous little boy as Diego the Animal Rescuer. To create a homemade, unique boys costume, the following
Diego Halloween costume homemade Animal Rescuer
supplies are needed:

·        Brown or blue cargo shorts
·        Aqua blue tee shirt
·        Vest (Tan fleece or felt)
·        Animal patches
·        Hiking boots or shoes
·        Stuffed plush jaguar animal
·        Orange plush backpack
·        Plastic toy binoculars
·        Toy water canteen
·        Hot glue
·        Treasure map
·        Scissors
how to make a Go Diego Go Halloween costumeTo save money on apparel items, check your closets and local thrift stores. Or, purchase the supplies from the comfort of your own home on Then, dress the child in the tee shirt, shorts and hiking boots. To make Diego’s vest, use tan fleece or felt material and cut into shape. Then, hot glue or sew the animal patch logos on the vest. To complete the Diego the Animal Rescuer costume, add a stuffed plush toy animal or two. For example, a stuffed cheetah beanie baby for Baby Jaguar or a plush animal monkey. Plastic toy binoculars or a water canteen can be hung around the child’s neck as an additional accessory. For the trick or treat Halloween candy bag, use an orange paper sack similar to Diego’s Rescue Pack, or purchase the plush orange backpack online. One can make the Diego costume into a cute couples costume by having the other participant dress as Dora the ExplorerBoots, Baby Jaguar or a map!

Your boy will surely love this costume, with or without Baby Jaguar in tow. 

How to make a Pippi Longstocking Halloween costume

Pippi Longstocking is a young girl known for her wardrobe, unusual strength and rebel cause. Pippi, created by Astrid Lindgren, has been a source of inspiration for gender equality. She has encouraged girls all over the world to have fun, be daring and have faith in their own ability. Her one-of-a-kind style encourages young girls to “be yourself!”

pippi longstocking Halloween costume homemadeCreating a Pippi Longstocking Halloween costume is quite easy and inexpensive. Less crafty folks can purchase a complete Pippi costume on The supplies needed to create this costume for Halloween, school parties,book character day or library events include:

1. Short denim dress or denim jean bib overalls
2. Long sleeve solid color shirt (pictured with red top)
3. Multi-colored scarf
4. Mismatched long, 
patterned socks
5. Mismatched quilt squares from a local retailer
Stuffed monkey – preferably one with Velcro on paws to wrap around neck
7. Hot glue
8. Dark eye liner pen
Orange hair spray or Pippi wig
10. White felt
11. Colorful letter stickers “Pippi”
12. scissors

TIP: If one does not own the above articles of clothing, shop local thrift stores / garage sales to save money while making this Halloween costume.

To complete the costume:

1. Hot glue (or sew) the quilt squares on to the denim dress
2. On the white felt, add colorful “Pippi” letter stickers and attach felt piece to front of denim dress
3. Get dressed: shirt, denim dress, 
4. Wrap scarf around neck
5. Using the eye liner pencil, add freckles to the face
6. Attach stuffed monkey around neck
7. Spray or dye hair orange like Pippi, or simply wear 
the wig

The more mismatched the outfit is, the better. I have yet to think of an accessory that can be used to compliment as a Trick or Treat bag. Enter your suggestions in the comments section below!