Monday, August 15, 2016

Jingle Bell Run costume ideas

christmas xmas jingle bell run snowman
Jingle Bell Run / Walk is one of the nation's most incredible themed events! Participants dress in holiday themed costumes and tie bells to their shoelaces for a 5K run / walk. The funds raised throughout the nationwide races benefit arthritis research. Participants may run as individuals or form teams. Team names and costumes make this holiday race a festive time for all! A few ideas for themed costumes include:

Snowmen: Guys can dress up as a snowman wearing a white tee shirt, white shorts and a top hat. Learn how to make an Olaf the Snowman costume here. Ladies, create this easy do-it-yourself snowman outfit by following these instructions.

Run, run Rudolph (the song): Team members can dress up as reindeer wearing a brown 
running suit. Gals, put your hair up securely in a reindeer sock bun or wear a flirty reindeer costume complete with antlers and tail. Purchase red light up noses for your face.

What’s reindeer without a Santa? Fellas, put on the 
Santa cap, white beard and lace up those running shoes! Other participants can dress as Santa’s elves with a jolly elf kit. For a more traditional running outfit, one can wear Christmas themed sleeves, knee highs and a headband.

Other Jingle Bell Run costume ideas include: dressing in the popular 
Ugly Christmas Sweater, wrap oneself up as a Christmas gift complete with a bow on your head, characters from a Christmas Story or the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Whatever the costume, enjoy the race and support a great cause: The Arthritis Foundation.

For a Jingle Bell Run near you, visit 
The Arthritis Foundation online and sign up today!

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